5 techniques to calm your mind in order to regain inner peace

Peace Techniques
Photo 5 techniques to calm your mind in order to regain inner peace

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, has been involved in peacekeeping efforts since his early childhood. He gave his first peace talk at the age of four. His book entitled “When the Desert Blooms”, which he wrote in Spanish has inspired thousands of people to finding their inner potential of discovering peace. In his teachings, he has imparted his students about some techniques to mind tranquility.

Here is an article on 5 techniques to clam the mind and regain inner tranquility

1. Go for a walk among Nature and take a deep breathing

When the weather is good, and the sun is shining, go for a walk in Nature and enjoy yourself. Take a few deep breaths, breathe in and breathe out, and smiles. Just focus your mind on the beauty of the lavish green Nature and the amazing landscape under the blue sky. This helps you forget about all worries of life and generate total peace of mind.

This can be at a zoological park, not too far from the city, without the traffic noise. If there is a lake in the surrounding area, sitting near a lake is also tranquilizing. Focus your attention on your breathing and listen to the birds' songs. You will instantly feel calm and inner peace reigns in your heart.

2. Accept the situation and forgive the others

When faced with a difficult matter, in which the situation seems to be irreversible, just accept the situation as it is, and lay it in God's hands. In other words, avoid thinking too much about the hardship of life, and give thanks to everyone for everything, whether it is sad or happy.

Peace of mind equal mind tranquility. Unless you accept things as they come in, it is impossible to achieve inner peace. However, panicking too much over the negativity of life merely leads to further unconstructiveness. It is a matter of tolerance, which is quite challenging to achieve, since it involves humility.

Humble your pride and accept that we are living in a world of imperfections. Therefore, accepting the differences in culture, in points of view and in know-how is essential in order to accept the situation. Besides, forgiveness too has a key role in creating inner peace.

3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the best way to ensure inner peace as it helps manage stress. Mindfulness is neither a religion nor a philosophy; but it is the spirit which helps you safely travel through your journey in life. Mindfulness is a meditation technique which enables an individual to discover inner peace, and fosters hope in life.

This involves the five senses as well as the power to manage stress and tensions around us. There are different kinds of mindfulness techniques. For example, mindful eating enables an individual to be aware of what they are eating. Under stress, it is hard to control what we eat, which may lead to overeating. This technique of meditation helps keep track of what to eat and what to avoid eating. This also keeps an individual from food craving.

4. Connect with the others and love unconditionally

In your free time, connect with your neighbors, relatives and friends. Learn about what is going on around you. Many people are deprived of happiness because of the life hardship. Help them to have some peace in their lives. Give them some food and clothes to help them survive, and love unconditionally. When giving aid to the needy, do not wait anything in return; there is a Supreme Being who will give back what has been given to the impoverished people.

If you are lonely and live alone, this will help you feel as a part of a big family whose survival depends on your presence. Unconditional love frees us from inner confusion and controversies. The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) is involved with helping the others through charity and donations to spread peace onto them.

5. Live in the present moment and forget the haunting past

*One factor to stress is due to the constant worry about possible problems or failure, or about a past souvenir. Unless you totally focus your attention on the present, it is impossible to live in the present moment. To get ahead in life, it is advisable to get out of the past trap and live a meaningful life. Otherwise, your body is present but your mind lags behind or is away.