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Prem Rawat is the ambassador of peace who also gives peace education to people. He is renowned for his unique message of peace, concerning the possibility of peace in the world. He is the author of the best-seller entitled “When the Desert Blooms”, published in Spanish in 2018, that has inspired thousands of people to peace.

Here are 8 inspiring quotes related to peace

“Take your time in everything and feel peace”

If you take your time to do your task, you will be able to achieve greater results. You have more time to focus on your objectives and become mindful of everything. For example, when you eat, avoid rushing to finish your dish. This may result in indigestion and stressed bowels.

“Accept everything, avoid murmuring and your mind is at peace”

Almost everyone is not satisfied with life; everything which happens may not always go according to what has been expected. Murmuring over the unexpected results do nothing good but cause further harms. Learn to accept everything and you will find inner peace.

“Take actions; avoid criticizing”

Nowadays, it is common that people blindly criticize their leaders who are acting for their good. In some cases, people pass judgment on their friends who take initiatives to act for them. To ensure mind tranquility, it is essential to stop blaming the others, and participate in the socio-economic development of the community as well as in peacekeeping initiatives.

“Give thanks for more blessings and happiness”

The society in the past was characterized by happiness and gratefulness. However, nowadays, it is common to see the ungracious characteristic of people, even when receiving things from the others. Yet, as the law of attraction teaches, a positive attitude attracts blessings; but a negative attitude leads to failure.

“Modesty is peace, and peace is power”

If you remain calm in all circumstances, you can collect more energy to perform better. In your initiatives and future courses of action, it is better to act peacefully and modestly. Peace is more powerful than arrogance. Arrogance triggers destruction and failure.

“Inner peace reflects your inner strength”

Powerful individuals do not fall hard over a stumbling block; and when they fall, they can still rise to their feet. It is possible to keep your balance when the mind is at peace. That reveals the inner peace within, which is infallible.

“Stay joyful and fill your heart with peace”

Moody people can easily lose their temper even under the smallest circumstances. Do not let your heart to be filled with hatred or anger; and you will find peace and tranquility of mind.

“Take good care of your surroundings and be at peace”

People expect you to solve their problem, but not yours. Thus, learn to take care of yourself, your family, friends, relatives and you will live at peace together. Pray to God to get this day your daily bread and to lead you away from iniquities.

Also, take care of the most deprived people in the society and give charities to be at peace. For example, through the Prem Rawat Foundation, you can bring in your contribution to humanity and feel inner peace.