Making Peace with Yourself

Making Peace with Yourself

Getting peace with ourselves as we said is not an easy thing to do. Actually, there are many steps to get peace. Did you know that peace is essential for health, especially some attitudes without stress because it attacks our immunity system? Then, how can we make peace with ourselves? There are steps that everyone can take to make peace with themselves.

Accept yourself

Accepting oneself by peace is not waiting for butterflies and rainbows every time. The first step to get peace is to accept yourself. In fact, this will help you to be real and authentic. The reason why some people are stressed about themselves is because they are not accepting themselves: whether it's physically, mentally, the behavior and the values. The way to accept yourself goes through some difficulties but if you can accept those difficulties, you can heal faster and get better to make peace with yourself.

Accept the reality

There's nothing that you can change about the situation, you have to adjust your attitudes towards the situation. It is the 90/10 principles. This principle talks about 10% of what happens to you in life is made of things you experience but all the 90% are determined by your reaction. If you are constantly at odds with your life, your reality, then you cannot be in peace. Always remember the 90/10 principles: your reaction remains important.

Don't underestimate yourself

If you live with the impression of being worth nothing, why live your dreams? Why embark on a project that is close to your hearts? It's an important step after acceptation. Esteem is not about telling wrong or abusive things about oneself. To make peace with yourself, don't forget to be proud of yourself and your achievements. Regret is nothing because you can't control what you did in the past.

Forget your limiting beliefs

Everyone has some beliefs: some of them are inspiring and other ones stop personal evolution. To live in peace with yourself, you have to know what beliefs you should keep and what is not beneficial should be left. Some beliefs make you believe that you cannot achieve anything or reach your goal. Be brave, be confident enough to stop believing them and start to believe in yourself and your capacities.

Delete comparison with others

If there is anyone that you should compete with, it must be no one but yourself. Unemployed, unmarried and no child? Don't worry, maybe it's not your time yet. Be grateful for what you have and stop comparing yourself with others: everyone has their own clock.

Don't wait for luck or miracle

Because of many barriers that you put in your road, you tend to wait for luck or miracle that will never happen to your life. To make peace with yourself, rush in your happiness and get this peace. Prem Rawat, an ambassador for peace, a famous lecturer of peace, said around the world by his conference the importance of peace, peace of mind at first and after spreading peace.

“Believe that you can and you're halfway there”, a quote that sums up the fact that making peace with ourselves is possible and should be accomplished. Prem Rawat, even when he was a little boy in a village in India, already talked about how useful and important peace is. Because peace is led by happiness, it's necessary to discover it by everything done.

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